And It Happened, Again

And tonight, he decides to write it down, to keep him still remember about what happened today and 3 years ago. This time, he uses Eng instead of his mother language to keep things as simple as they can. He wants to hide his emotion.

4 years ago, he fell in love with his high school classmate. They were so called the not incommensurate couple and he thought that he had found his lifetime partner. He put his soul into that relationship. Everything was fine till she decided to go on a date with new guy. He was betrayed, he thought.

His heart was broken down into pieces and in the deep down inside, he told himself that do not believe in it anymore. From the other side, it’s usual in Vietnam that girls often listen to their oldman to marry another guy. Within a small chance, he tried his best to pull her back. He succeeded but his heart still empty as hell.

Talking more about him, he is special over his friends and he is more extrovert, not exactly, with the best of both side, he is really good at thinking about stuffs over there. He is proud of his awareness skill. Sometime, he is better to become an introvert.

He keeps everything inside.

“Let’s break up. It’s over.” – She said. It happens usually that people can think that is monthly event.

He starts to think of the whole story from the very beginning. Every single piece of memory make his heart broken, again and again. He wonders if she knows how much he loves her.

He starts to dig out all of the memories, every notes that he wrote for her, every moments that they spent time together. He traverses thru the past to reflect the relationship but what he found is all the love that he has. Every single place is full of her. He cannot take it anymore.

He still loves her.

But this time, he decides to move forward.