9owl - Working Space That Only Available at Night

We are members of Dwarves Foundation. We are small group of engineers and talented people. At this time we are tech partners with PearComms and Sales In One, 2 companies from Singapore. We work at the office in District 3 that we hire from a friend of the founder, it make us free to access 24/7. The office is just about 30 square meters and available for 8 to 10 9owl at the same time.

We love to work at night, not daytime. We have coffee and tea, people to talk with, place to work and corner to take a nap. We love to discuss about engineering, technology and life hacking stuffs. We are outliers, we are special and we know it. We want to make friend with people that like us.

9owl – Working space that only available at night

Me, have an idea that cool people should know each other, have a place to come and work at night, to be friends or not. But I believe, people that live the same lifestyle, have same mindset should be easy to make friend and more. So I start 9owl and give the office for free.

9owl is invite only group and it costs you nothing. Join us for the midnight coffee, good talks, warm bed and cool work place.

Updated: We moved to new office on 2017 Sept and it’s too dam cool. I’m very happy to have you guys here.