Delegators Are Dead Weight

Everybody works

With a small team, you need people who are going to do work, not delegate work. Everyone’s got to be producing. No one can be above the work.

That means you need to avoid hiring delegators, those people who love telling others what to do. Delegators are dead weight for a small team. They clog the pipes for others by coming up with busywork. And when they run out of work to assign, they make up more—regardless of whether it needs to be done.

Delegators love to pull people into meetings, too. In fact, meetings are a delegator’s best friend. That’s where he gets to seem important. Meanwhile, everyone else who attends is pulled away from getting real work done.”

Excerpt From: Jason Fried. “Rework.” iBooks.

My team has lots of delegators as founder. Meeting, talk a lot and no actions. I think I should not compromise anymore. Quitting maybe an option. I can tell if it might not a right team.