Le Me at Barcamp Saigon 2014

It had been an year since Barcamp 2013 at RMIT. “BarcampSaigon is an unconference that was created in the tech community in 2005. Organizers of the event only organized the space and the people from the community were the presenters. That means the quality of the event depends on the community. Today, Barcamps are held in over 350 cities across the world. BarcampSaigon was started in 2008 and there have been 6 in Saigon so far. So come to BarcampSaigon and present about anything you want! The community will vote on topics and the top topics will get the biggest rooms.” They said.

This year I come to Barcamp Saigon with a topic about Android App Development: How to handle large dataset in Android with SnappyDB

My company, CloudJay, is providing a realtime computing service named CJayNet. It targets on optimizing the process of dry and reefer container repairs and maintainance services of Vietnam depots and also cutting down the gap time between office users and field workers by using the combination of Cloud Computing, Smartphones and Realtime features.

At the beginning of product development, we used SQLite and Content Provider in Data Layer. Time flies and those data scale up to more than thousand of records and it causes application performance go down. After a period of time struggling around finding solution, we find SnappyDB the Saviour after trying Realm.

There are over 20 campers join my session. It is a really hard topic for people (even for the senior developers) and I do not expect that much attendees (wow). It’s a good experience to be a speaker at Barcamp.

This year, I have met a lot of friends and amazing people. This is my first time listening to someone topic that so much exciting. Many thanks to anh Ho Viet Hai about the topic Delivering great experience. Things that he told us:

  • You really need to care about the experience and also put your experience, your soul into your product
  • Robbins’ Human Needs
  • Telling your story

Other topics are good too but I cannot join all of them.

Finally, another barcamp has passed away. It’s really fun to see the community growing day by day. Next year, I want to join the organization team.