Training Android (End)

Sorry folks for that long time. I’m too busy to release CJayNet v1 and upgrade it to new version v2 so that the daily schedule of Training Android progress cannot be released fully and on time. I will summary it in this blog post.

After someday playing with OOP, I gave Thai a small test that build a mini chess game on console with all current knowledge about OOP. He finished in 2 weeks as expected, simple enough but the code style and architecture was too bad (also as expected).

To make them can work together later, I introduced to them a concept of version control system, Git (not SVN) and Github with some basic moves that they can understand easily and can apply directly. I found some useful resources:

Then, we started a android basic training with the material from a blog of mr Duy Thanh. This guide went through all of basic controls, how to setup environment, what we could do with android, UI design and layout … You can also find useful resources for android developer in my previous blog post. All the exercises source code might be found on their Github. This took them 2 months to complete all the basic lessons.

June came and I began to give them more advanced lessons likes Android Concurrency, Intent Service, Broadcast Receiver, responsive UI, Database, Notification, EventBus and so on … This took more time when things became complicated. We cost almost 2 months to study all of above topics. The training course finished at the end of August with an simple app called Gossip, a clone of

After all, I realize that, learning speed can be improved a lots if we have:

  • Proper syllabus
  • Useful resources with visual sample
  • A diligent mentor
  • and also a working hard with high spirit student