Add Library to Android Project

Android community has grown fast and faster today. They contribute a lot of open source plugins and components mentioned on previous topic. You don’t need to start new project from scratch.

Some of them were released as .jar which was compiled. Some were released as folder.

For *.jar library, just simply drag and drop it into your libs directory and make sure they appear in Java Build Path

For those were released as folder like FunDapter, you need to

  • Download or clone the repository
  • Copy library folder into your project

  • Back to Eclipse, import this folder as Existing Android Code ...

  • Go to Project Properties > Android, then Add Reference to this library > OK


Some libraries like Android Annotation, known as custom compiler, cannot be used like others. You need to add them Java Compiler section.

  • Go to Project Properties > Java Compiler > Annotation Processing > Factory Path
  • Configure Factory Path > OK