Resources Every Android Developer Should Know

Below is some resources and knowledge that I have learned when I work with android after 3 months. It will help you guys a lots from scratch.


I recommend these 2 books:

Beside above books, I found a vietnamese course from Dong Nai University of Technology by Duy Thanh. First lesson can be found here.

Top 10 shortcuts for Eclipse on Mac OS X and Windows

Top Description Mac Windows
1 Auto complete +   +  
2 Open/Search for resources + + R + + R
3 Open/Search for Types + + T + + T
4 Open class outline view + O + O
5 Quickfix + 1 + 1
6 Search for references + + G + + G
7 Show type hierarchy + T + T
8 Maximize Java editor + M + M
9 Delete line + D + R + D + R
10 Move line/block + or + or


Android Design

You need to know about android design principles and its style by reading official design document

And some resources2 that designers can use, reuse or reference:

Summary (by expert)

  • First, read the books. Did I mention you should read the books? This will lay the proper foundation of your Android knowledge.
  • Subscribe to blogs and stackoverflow answer feeds via RSS.
  • Set up an android-dev circle in Google+.

  1. Full article can be found at:

  2. Thank to AppDevWiki

  3. This is one of the most valuable article and you should read it carefully.