How to Use JayPix Beta

If you are reading this post, your team registered for trial of JayPix, a visual log book for field works. You should have been received an Email from us which contains the following information and have installed successfully JayPix beta.

  • Account Information for Login into JayPix system.
  • A AirOnApp Link for Installing the iOS JayPix app. E.g.

Now How to use JayPix beta

Step 1: You need to Login by using account information in the email you’ve received from us

Step 2: After logged in, you will see the Newsfeed Screen which will contain all the item in your Visual log book

But it’s still empty, let’s start by press the Camera button

Step 3: Take a photo

This is the Camera Screen where you can take a picture or load the picture in your Camera Roll by tapping on the picture icon

After take a picture or load it from Camera roll, you can start tagging the picture by long pressing on an important part of the photo you want to be noted

You can choose the Color for the note and type more detailed information

Step 4: After tapping Done, it will ask you the tittle of the photo and review the name of each note.

Then hit the check button, Jayyy, all your team will receive notification right away and know what the situation at your location immediately .


Step 5: You can view other picture reported by team by tapping on the picture.


Tap on each note to see its description

Tap on the More action button ( the 3-dots icon ) to save the picture for later report or call them immediately


One last thing: the side menu

On the Newsfeed sceen you can slide to the right or hit the button on the top left to view the side menu


You can check to view the item of every single member or sign out your account here

Congratulation, Now let’s start new Journey with your team at JayPix

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at