Today I Learned

Continuous learning is one of my passion and I kept doing this for about 4 years. Everyday life, the knowledge bypass my brain and go thru. People write a lot of awesome stuffs on Medium, their personal blogs or HackerNews. I used to note them to Notes or Evernote before. Later I found those tools are very frustrating, hard to look up and I even did not open them again.

As a former CTO & Tech Entrepreneur, Github is one of the most opened site of mine. With filtering and labeling features, we can easily organize our references to the articles. The labels will help you to classify the information and it’s cool to make the search after that, easier to share with your friends, your colleagues.

So, I decided to note them all on Github.


“Today I learned” is not the new idea, people around the world used different ways to implement the idea. If you have time, let google around and you can find some interesting topic on reddit or medium about this methodology. People call it by various name Today I/We learned, Today I found out … but the same concept is that you should keep yourself up and run. It’s all about the productivity, the improvement of yourself. Improving yourself just 1% everyday and in a year you are better than 37.8 times.

If you are interested in this idea, you can follow the hashtag #til on Twitter or making one and share your #til repo.