A Mapbox Plugin for Octopress


I’m building an octopress blog for my friend and need a map for markup purposes. I found octolayer working but Open Street Maps interface is too urly. After an hour searching, I meet Mapbox which is a map-as-a-service, beautiful design for publishing.

With some free time, I make a octopress-mapbox and place it on Github. You can install it like other octopress plugins and easy to integrate with Mapbox by following these steps.

  • Create a Mapbox account, configure your map and get map-id.

  • Clone octopress-mapbox repository.
  • Copy all files from plugins, sass and source to your octopress directory.

  • Include mapbox_head in source/_includes/head.html

  • Import _mapbox.scss to your screen.scss

  • Add mapbox_id to _config.xml

  • Use mapbox in your blog content with syntax: { mapbox lat long zoomLevel }

OK, that’s all. Please feel free to use this.