2020 Resolutions

The last 10 years was quite a ride. Turning from a kid to a man, I have grown more than my expected thanks to a long list of mentors, brothers, and sisters. It is 2020, and I’d like to make it special to kick start the next 10 years. Here come the resolutions for this year.

Dwarves Foundation

The company we founded in 2015 has turned 5 and reached its first milestone. It’s about time to step down and let others take the throne.

  • Transition: Some transitions are needed for the next generation to take over the company. Everything is quite in shape. The business model is firm. We have a great team of 50-ish, a growth rate of 60% since Day 1, a worth-to-pursue vision, a few missions ahead to accomplish, a playbook with all of our best practices, and a few good hires last year. I’m looking for a new CEO for Dwarves Foundation.
  • Territory: With a good record serving customers in the last 5 years and everything are in place; the business expansion expects to happen both online and offline. Most of the time, we meet and work with our clients via the internet. The pattern works so far, but I believe there’s still room for improvement. Why not try to take another business approach? I’m looking for business partners to explore the market that we haven’t touched.
  • Employee-owned company: Last year, we distributed company shares to the early employees and had the first batch of dividend pulled off. This year, we will continue to issue the ESOP to the rest privately. Every member who stays with the company for more than 2 years will have chances to earn company stakes.
  • Fully automation & Data-driven operations: The best part of running your tech company? You have a vast workforce to try all the cool kinds of stuff. We have the data of every part of daily operations, from project development to personal development. All the hiring, branding campaigns, or even accounting & payroll adjustments should base on data. It will help reveal the hidden aspect that you’ve ever notice.
  • A getaway office: It’s my dream to have an unconventional office space where the dwarves can escape the city and hang around. One in the mountain and one near the beach. Still, a long way to go.

Dwarves Ventures

Taking the build capability to the step further, Dwarves Ventures is a micro VC that makes use of our knowledge, experience for years to help tech startups with business & financial models, pitch assist, product design, market testing, MVP & platform development. All the materials, metrics, and tractions to achieve before getting to series A funding round.

Last year, we made an investment into 2 local tech startups in Vietnam in exchange for 5 to 20 percent in equity. One major in Hospitality and one in Wholesale Marketplace. This year, among with the expansion of our core business and Craftsmanship Study Program, we hope to meet more exceptional founders.


The internet used to be a fun place. Growing up, I couldn’t find the same excitement. As per the prediction for the next decade, people tend to lean over the different & personalized, I decided to found the Superbits to help bring those excitement bits back. And we are not the only team want to do that, there’s another that bring cool bits back to the internet for years. One of them: 100r.co

We started last year with a few macOS apps to help with the productivity boost. This year we will continue to look at this same topic.

A hedge fund for indie & retail investors

We build an autobot & apply quantitative methods into the global financial trading market, dedicated to producing exceptional returns. For the exceptional returns, I mean a few bucks for hundreds USD saving, LOL. It can’t make us rich but can help make life easier, financially. It is still in beta testing, and I’m looking for friends who are interested in & also want to get the first taste. Please drop me a message at han@cashbag.xyz

Learn another language

I barely speak English. It’s not so proficient, and I’m not a type to learn anything to excellence. So instead of getting a higher degree in English, I’d love to learn another language. Chinese & Japanese are on my list for now.

Be a dad

And finally, be a good dad. Learn to parent. I’m going to be a dad in about a month or two. I gave him a cool name, bought him a domain, hodl a few tokens in case they will go skyrocket. I’m still not ready for this, but let see what may come in the future.